PDA Combination (180 caps)

PDA Combination (180 caps) Stock Number: 3245-1 Retail Cost: $27.80 Our Cost: $18.50 [wp_cart:PDA Combination (180 caps) (Stock 3245-1):price:18.50:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] PDA [Digestive] supplements the body’s digestive secretions with hydrochloric acid (HCl). … [Read more...]

Proactazyme® (100 caps)


Proactazyme® (100 caps) Stock Number: 1525-0 Retail Cost: $34.50 Our Cost: $22.95 [wp_cart:Proactazyme (100 caps) (Stock 1525-0):price:22.95:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: •Aids in the breakdown of most types of food. •Improves digestion. •Activates … [Read more...]

Food Enzymes (120 caps)


Food Enzymes (120 caps) Stock Number: 1836-9 Retail Cost: $29.85 Our Cost: $19.85 [wp_cart:Food Enzymes (120 caps) (Stock 1836-9):price:19.85:shipping:1:end] [tab:Product Guide] Benefits: Supplements the body’s production of important enzymes. Provides a blend of enzymes to … [Read more...]